Cat Outdoor Usb Rechargeable Bladeless Fan


Keep your cat cool and comfortable on hot summer days with our Cat Outdoor USB Rechargeable Bladeless Fan! This innovative fan uses advanced bladeless technology to provide a safe and gentle breeze for your furry friend.

The Cat Outdoor Fan is easy to use and rechargeable via USB, making it perfect for outdoor use. It features a durable and portable design, which allows you to take it with you on the go.

The fan comes with a cute cat design that will surely capture the attention of your feline friend. Its bladeless technology ensures that your cat will not get hurt by any spinning blades, making it a safe option for your pet.

Order your Cat Outdoor USB Rechargeable Bladeless Fan today and keep your cat cool and comfortable all summer long!

- Key status switching loop : Standby--1 wind--2 wind--3 wind--standby

- 18650 lithium battery 2000 mAh


Power (W):2W

Timing Function: No Timing

Controlling Mode: Mechanical Timer Control

Material: plastic


Package Included:

1 x bladeless fan 

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